Point of Sale Accessories

Point of Sale accessories

As well as providing you with the perfect pizza ovens and pizza products, we also provide a number of accessories to help you drive sales.

Check out our range of products, from pizza menu’s to pizza boxes and additional accessories such as pizza paddles, wooden boards and pizza cutters!

Menu Design

Our team has years of experience designing the perfect pizza menu, ensuring you can provide customers with a high quality menu to go along with an absolutely fabulous pizza. Don’t believe us? Check out the menu to right and I think you will change your mind!

It’s vital that you have a professional look to your pizza menu, it’s a major determinant in leaving a lasting impression with customers.

Here at Absolutely Fabulous Pizza, we are determined to provide you with all the resources you need to provide customers with fabulous pizza. Get in touch today and we will advise you on all the requirements you need to get your slice of the pizza pie.

favoloso menu

Check out our Pizza Boxes

Our new and improved pizza boxes are stylish and trendy!

We have upgraded our pizza boxes to ensure that your customers are left impressed with a beautifully designed pizza box. Don’t worry, our pizza tastes absolutely fabulous too!

Want to know the cool thing? You can give them out to young customers to color them in! We will shortly be announcing a competition giving out prizes for the best attempts, and we want you to join in too!

Favoloso pizza box

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