Pizza is the best product for your business. Here’s why!

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Pizza is the best product for your business. Here’s why!

With so many food options out there, it can be difficult to decide which dishes to prioritise on your menu. In this post, we hope to clear that up for you by describing why pizza is the best option for your business in 2021.

How Profitable is Pizza for Business?

We like to cut to the chase and understand how tough running a food business can be. Margins in restaurants are tight, so finding the most cost effective, good quality, flavoursome dishes is vital for your business. Pizza is one dish that is used the world over exactly for these reasons. When you think of pizza, a good quality dough will be made with minimal ingredients: flour, yeast and water. That’s it. Add an authentic Italian sauce and some high quality pizza toppings and Voila!

But, much of the best pizza magic comes when these ingredients are in the hands of an experienced pizza chef. They are not easy to come by, but you have options. Pre-made bases can be a cost effective way to provide the best pizza to your customers while also keeping profits high. ‘Pre-made’ can have negative connotations but actually, many pre made pizza bases go through a process that is designed to ‘lock in’ flavour and quality. For example, Ab Fab Food’s pre made bases are cooked and frozen within 3 minutes. Buying wholesale pizza bases in bulk is another way to make a more profitable pizza business. Using one supplier takes away much of the time and money involved in sourcing each ingredient from different places. Then all you have to do is decide what the most popular combinations will be on your menu. Once you get to know exactly what your customers like, that is when you reap the benefits that pizza can bring to your business.

How Much Does it Cost To Start a Pizza Business?

Once you get the pizza base right or you choose to use a pre-made pizza solution, you can ramp up the quality of your pizzas by cooking them in an authentic pizza oven. This is where you’ll need to spend the most to get your pizza business up and running. Do not fear however as there are plenty of options out there and prices can vary. Our pizza ovens range from €1,800 to €3,995 , so even if you are starting small to test the pizza concept, there is a pizza oven out there that will suit your budget.

What should you put on your pizza menu?

The good thing about having pizza on your restaurant’s menu is that it is so versatile. Pizza can cater to all ages, young to old, and there are not many other dishes that can do that. Once you have chosen the source of your ingredients, be that ready-made pizza solution or from scratch, all you need to do is to perfect your pizza menu. Luckily, pizza has been made and enjoyed in Italy for hundreds of years, so the staples will be popular and make profitable margins. Offering the recipes that most people expect to see on your menu is a must; Margherita, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and a veggie option are safe places to start. Then you can be creative and offer those people who go out to try something different a chance to leave your restaurant with a memorable pizza experience. If that sounds like a lot of work, our fully finished pizzas and pizza solutions can help you get the best authentic Italian pizzas on your menu quickly.

How to make your pizza business stand out?

Once you have found the right pizza solution for your business, there is only a little bit left to do to bring that complete Italian experience to your customers. Most restaurants don’t make the most of pizza on their menu and treat it much the same as any other. But pizza is so different. Impress your customers by offering a separate menu, using customised artwork on your boxes, and make an occasion out of the pizza side of your business. Who doesn’t enjoy going out for pizza! It is such a communal, good-time food, so make the most of that in your pizza business.

At Absolutely Fabulous Foods, we offer everything you need to get your pizza business started and ensure it runs smoothly. Check out our Favoloso Package, the ultimate all-in-one pizza business solution, for more information. Or if you want to get in touch, even just for some advice, then do not hesitate to give us a call on +353 1 276 2621. We would be more than happy to answer any of your pizza-related questions!