5 reasons why Pizza is the perfect choice for your beer garden menu

People in beer garden enjoying pizza.

5 reasons why Pizza is the perfect choice for your beer garden menu

5 reasons why Pizza is the perfect choice for your beer garden menu

It’s the end of April, Covid-19 cases are continuing to fall and as the vaccine rollout ramps up, we can begin to dream of a somewhat normal summer, with hotels, restaurants, and other facilities such as café’s, bowling centres and cinemas hopeful of opening up sometime in June. While we expect many of our companions in the hospitality may have to stay closed for another while yet, there is hope that those with outdoor seating can open up soon! Recently the Licensed Vintners Association outlined their hope that beer gardens around the country should re-open nationwide on the 24th of May, something we strongly support if the public health situation allows. The purpose of this post is to show solidarity with our close friends in hospitality, but also to outline 5 reasons why you should consider adding pizza to your menu for the summer!

1. Pizza does not require any cutlery or expensive dishes

If you have ever owned or visited a beer garden, you know that they can be extremely busy places, crowded with people as they enjoy the lovely summer weather and perhaps some live music! For waiters and waitresses, they can often be a nightmare as they have to be extremely careful keeping cutlery on plates and boards as they try to bring the food from kitchen to table. Pizza takes away most of the extra accessories needed, as it can be sliced before being brought to the table – you only need to add napkins! What is even better is that you can present the pizza on our amazing wooden pizza boards, which are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

2. Pizza is easily prepared and quick to cook

There is nothing worse than sitting down in a beautiful beer garden and enjoying a relaxing beverage before noticing that your food was ordered over 30 minutes ago. Suddenly you start to become impatient, hungry, and quite quickly your mood turns sour – Preparing extravagant dishes is a great way to highlight the ability of your chefs and staff, we love them too. In beer gardens, people want that same high-quality food, but they want it much quicker. Our wide range of pizzas can be cooked in under 5 minutes and delivered to consumers within 15 minutes of ordering. This ensures that your customers stay satisfied, happy and will ensure they come back again!

3. Pizza is extremely popular among consumers

The latest figures from around the world show that pizza has been amongst the most popular orders over the last 12 months – once people get into a habit of tasting good pizza it is a hard one to give up. Pizza sales are up across the country and around the world as people flock to takeaways and fast food to break up the dread of lockdown. That is why having pizza on your menu for your beer garden is the perfect opportunity to satisfy consumers with some of our delicious pizza products!

4. Too much choice is paralyzing

Did you know that having too much choice is paralysing? A study conducted by Professor Sheena Iyengar in the late ’90s outlined that if you give consumers too many options, it can actually be debilitating. It can also lead to consumers being less satisfied with the results! If you focus on pizza and side orders for your beer garden, it can help consumers narrow down and help them to decide quicker – and people love pizza.

5. Cooks can be trained to make pizza in a small number of hours

Learning to be a good chef is tough – it’s also time-consuming and there is a major shortage of qualified chefs around the country. The latest estimates show that there is a shortage of over 7,500 trainees in the sector annually – this means the problem isn’t going to get easier any time soon. The good thing is all of our pizza products are easily assembled and staff generally only need a couple of hours of training. We do all of this on-site, helping you to master the basics and showing you advice on how to improve over time.

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We hope this post has helped outline the benefits of introducing pizza to your establishment for the summer months – it’s been a tough 12-15 months for all of us in hospitality, but there are brighter days ahead. If you have any questions about our pizza bases, fully finished pizza’s or indeed any of our products and services don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or via email info@abfabfoods.ie.