Welcome to Absolutely Fabulous Pizza

Our promise is to supply our customers with Irish artisan produce full of great natural taste and at a reasonable price.

All of our foods are made using only premium natural ingredients with no geneticially modifications, no additives or artificial flavouring. With so many companies using the same product range from the same suppliers, our product range will help your business stand out from the crowd with increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Absolutely Fabulous Pizza was formed in January 2011. Having surveyed the Irish pizza market we established that a gap was present for a quality Italian pizza that could be sold outside the traditional Irish pizzerias.

We began producing our bases using the traditional method and Italian ingredients, handmade, 24 hour proofing, hand stretching, all natural ingredients topped with the perfect natural Italian Tomato sauce, then part baked on a stone oven and blast frozen.

With the huge increase in energy prices we introduced the GAM Italian pizza oven range to  the Irish Market. These ovens are one of  the most energy efficient currently available.

Over the last 2 ½ years we have developed the best pizza concept available. It works well for our customers, our sales force and our company. Our next challenge is to share this with the world!